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Junior Varsity Volleyball Centre retains P4 Sports Agency for Marketing Strategies
March 3, 2020
(Calgary, AB, Canada) P4 Sports Agency CEO Jonathan Molina announced today that the Agency has been hired by the Junior Varsity Volleyball Centre to work on brand strategies. “This newly developed Centre is a hidden gem for the City of Calgary,” commented Molina. “We feel that once the public finds out more about the JVC, they’ll see the major value the facility has in developing the sport of Volleyball in our community.” concluded Molina.
The first order of business for the Agency will be working on the creation of a video series for the JVC. Work is to start effective immediately.

About P4 Sports Agency

Athletes are evolving, but the sports management industry is not adapting. Moving forward, we are no longer providing athlete representation services and are completely focusing our efforts on fulfilling the need for purposeful sports marketing for brands and athletes across all sports. As modern media and sports evolve, the line between sports entertainment and professional athletes is becoming less clear. Modern day athletes are in a position where it is equally as crucial to maximize their branding, partnerships, and post-career strategies, as it is to focus on their playing career. It is our vision to provide professional athletes and brands with the services to maximize their platform, vision, and opportunity.

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